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Cut directly from the bolt in 20cm increiments (mini roll)
If you order one mini roll you will receive ONE 20cm X 90cm piece
If ordering more than ONE you will receive it as one uncut peice, for example;
2 = 40cm x 90cm roll
3 = 60cm x 90cm roll
5= 100cm x 90cm roll (1 metre) 
20cm x 20cm square (approx 8") 

Our felt is a blend of 20-35% merino wool blended with rayon; 
approximately 1.5mm thick. 
Our wool is only from merino sheep, prized for their quality and softness. Our felt is dense, strong, resistant to pilling with consistant vibrant colours and thickness.

It's not just the wool that sets our felt apart from the rest, its mixed with Rayon which is a natural-based material that is made from the cellulose of wood pulp or cotton. Making it eco friendly with the feel & strength of 100% wool felt, this is my personal choice of Wool felt. I only offer one type of wool felt because i believe this is the only Wool felt youll ever need. 

We stock over 100 colours, a perfect pallet to suit every colour scheme. 

We offer a colour match match service too, send us a message if you require our free colour match service and we'll find the right colour just for you

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